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Township Secures nearly $1 Million Dollars in Grants for the Township of Maplewood Stormwater Subsystems

Representative Mikie Sherrill (NJ-11) announced that all 15 of the Community Project Funding (CPF) requests she submitted to the House Appropriations Committee for Fiscal Year 2024 including $959,752 for Maplewood's Stormwater System, were passed by the House of Representatives – totaling $15.8 million coming back to NJ-11. The federal funds for these local projects create jobs, drive our local economic growth, and improve the quality of life and affordability throughout the district and state.

"Maplewood is grateful to Representative Sherrill for recognizing how important it is for Maplewood to control stormwater runoff, thereby saving lives and protecting property," said Mayor Nancy Adams. "These grant dollars come at a time when upgrading our storm water system is a priority for our township. We commend the staff of Mikie's office, our Township Committee members, especially the work of former Mayor Dean Dafis, and administration for realizing this funding opportunity as part of the federal appropriations budget."

“Throughout the 118th Congress, I’ve fought to ensure NJ-11 is not harmed by the chaos being created by the House GOP Majority, especially in regards to the federal budget. That’s why I am so proud to see all fifteen of my Community Projects included in the Appropriations legislation passed today. These projects bring federal resources back to New Jersey to address some of the most pressing concerns I hear about from local leaders and constituents. From bolstering public safety and mitigating flood risks to updating community spaces and preserving our open spaces, these bipartisan projects will have a great impact on towns in every corner of the district. I look forward to seeing these projects funded and improving the quality of life for residents,” said Rep. Sherrill.

Representative Mikie Sherrill, Committee Members Deputy Mayor, Jamain Cripe, Dean Dafis, Deborah Engel, members of the administration and Mayor Nancy Adams, accept the check.

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